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Employees at Küster


Küster is looking for employees who know their capabilities when it matters. In order to get a picture of us, we will introduce you to some of our employees. Maybe your future colleagues?

Become a student at Küster

Nils Krekel

Nils Krekel

Development engineer Actuators
At KÜSTER since 2015

As a child, I was always fascinated how things worked. Later, I wanted to know why things work the way they did. Today, I am still following this question and working on new developments.


"Not matter with which colleagues I work with, there is always something that connects us"

Why it is worth starting a career at Küster

Stephanie Clößner

Teamleader Account Manager
At KÜSTER since 2010

My carreer started with an apprenticeship at a local authority where the only task was exclusively in service. I quickly relized that this work did not have a long-term future and thought manufacturing would be more exciting.


"There are lots of new and exciting tasks whos own initiative is required"

What I like about my training program

Marcel Volk

Marcel Volk
Commercial Trainee
At Küster since 2015

As of September 1, 2016, I had been a trainee in the Küster family business for exactly a year.

Overall, after a year, I can say with complete satisfaction that this training as an industrial clerk was the right decision after finishing my university qualification examinations.


"I can say it was the right decision to start a training program after my 'A' levels"

Facilitator in the world of technology

Julia Marschner
Project Manager
At Küster since 2016

I am proud to introduce and deliver quality products, which are daily usage. Making a major contribution in the auto industry is a great feeling.


"Making a major contribution in the auto industry is a great feeling"