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What I like about my training program

Marcel Volk

Marcel Volk
Commercial Trainee
At Küster since 2015

As of September 1, 2016, I had been a trainee in the Küster family business for exactly a year.

Overall, after a year, I can say with complete satisfaction that this training as an industrial clerk was the right decision after finishing my university qualification examinations.


"I can say it was the right decision to start a training program after my 'A' levels"

Right at the start, I was given a training plan that specifically described the departments and how much time I would spend in each. That let me get to know the different sides of the company, for instance by learning about production processes and gaining practical experience with work that is not usually part of an industrial clerk’s responsibilities. I quickly found out about the hard day-to-day work of the automotive industry.
I am especially happy about the good working environment, which made this new life path much easier for me right away. All of my coworkers welcomed me, integrated me perfectly into their departments and gave me plenty to do. Whenever I need help or have questions, my colleagues and supervisors always have an open ear, so I was able to adjust quickly to the daily work.

Right at the start of my training, I was told that if I achieved a good training result I could do a “Studium Plus” program at Küster after the end of my training. I hope to pursue this path if possible so I can find out what opportunities are available in the Küster Group.
I am confident that this training is strengthening my motivation and independence, and that I will keep gathering important professional and life experience here.

In summary, I can say it was the right decision to start a training program after my 'A' levels. It is a good introduction to the working world, and it lets you gather important practical and theoretical experience that will be very helpful in your later professional career. I recommend that everyone take advantage of this opportunity to combine practice and theory, and choose this kind of training program.

I am excited and curious about the future, and I look forward to two more years of training at Küster that will hopefully be just as successful.