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Nils Krekel

Nils Krekel

Development engineer Actuators
At KÜSTER since 2015

As a child, I was always fascinated how things worked. Later, I wanted to know why things work the way they did. Today, I am still following this question and working on new developments.


"Not matter with which colleagues I work with, there is always something that connects us"

During my studies, I became aware of the company Küster as an attractive employer. After an internship as part of my professional career, I was given the opportunity to write my Bachelor’s thesis at Küster. With the calculation and construction of a parking brake actuator for heavy duty vehicles, I was able to prove my abilities and gain important experience to further my work in development. Thanks to the good support of Küster even more complex tasks were possible by working in a team.

After completing my Bachelor´s thesis, I was offered a position as an engineer in the development department and found the task that suited me perfectly. Every day, I am inspired to find creative solutions for technical tasks in a highly motivated team. My work as a development engineer always entails new and exciting tasks, to which I am able to contribute my creativity. I have always dreamed of working in the automotive sector. As this is also a hobby of mine, I find it very exciting knowing that something I developed by Küster is used in the car I drive.

As a youngster fresh from the university, you are quickly classified as a “greenhorn”, but the experienced engineers always took my ideas seriously. From the “old hands” you can learn a lot.

Anyone who has experience as a development engineer comes quickly to the conclusion that many things do not work at the first attempt. This setback is seen as an important opportunity. One is always learning, understanding working relationships leads to success.

I would now like to gain as much experience as possible at Küster and I see my future with the company. Since Küster is an international family business, I have the opportunity to work with colleagues from other locations around the world. The fascinating thing is, not matter with which colleagues I work with, there is always something that connects us. Despite being a big company, we are somehow still a family.