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Why it is worth starting a career at Küster

Stephanie Clößner

Teamleader Account Manager
At KÜSTER since 2010

My carreer started with an apprenticeship at a local authority where the only task was exclusively in service. I quickly relized that this work did not have a long-term future and thought manufacturing would be more exciting.


"There are lots of new and exciting tasks whos own initiative is required"

I changed my career direction from the service sector to the manufacturing branch. Preferring to work in the industrial business rather than the service sector, Küster, one of the largest international company’s within the automotive industry was not only in my region but also in my home town of Ehringshausen, gave me this opportunity.
The development of different products as well as many years’ good business relationships inspired me and made me curious. After finishing my training, Küster was my favourite employer. Now I have been working for this family enterprise since September 2010.

Due to the complex and detailed work process, the initial period of work involved took almost one year. The contents were conveyed comprehensively and intensively by a former colleague whose 43 years of experience I was very grateful for. This period had a positive influence on my work experience.

Personally, sales is one of the most exciting departments. The requirements of the customer passes through this department at every stage. This gave me an invaluable overview of each department and a good knowledge of product production. With the fusion of various subsidiaries in 2014, Küster became even more interesting. Additionally, this family company encourages a family atmosphere within the factories resulting in a good working climate. In addition, good customer relations also motivates our day-to-day business.

As you know, the automotive industry is one of the strongest sectors in the world market. Through the company´s international positioning, it is possible to gain a better insight into the different cultures and working methods. As a result, the acquired foreign language skills are not lost. They are utilised and even improved.

In addition to my full-time job, I decided to enrol for a two-year course in economics and management in Frankfurt. Küster supported me during this time and was very understanding which gave me confidence. Even before the successful completion, I was offered an excellent position as a group leader in sales. My new responsibilities in the company included not only operational but also strategic and human resources management. This made it possible for me to continue to be close to the customer and at the same time being able to be connected with the working and processing processes in the sales department. Occasionally, I am away on business trips discussing any topics with the customer face to face. There are many new and exciting tasks whose own initiative is required. In addition, I greatly appreciate the fact that I am trusted to make autonomous decisions. You never stop learning.