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Facilitator in the world of technology

Julia Marschner
Project Manager
At Küster since 2016

I am proud to introduce and deliver quality products, which are daily usage. Making a major contribution in the auto industry is a great feeling.


"Making a major contribution in the auto industry is a great feeling"

I am interested in technology with a pronounced tendency towards organisation and planning. During my studies as an industrial engineer and thereafter I gained experience in the automotive industry. It´s a perfect situation, I work here in a position where I have a positive effect and at the same time develop professionally and personally. My job as a project manager is to support and lead interdisciplinary teams. I must always have a keen eye on the deadlines and budgets of my projects and act decisively before an escalation of problems arrives.

A special aspect about my position is the fact that each project is unique and therefore each individual stage has to be worked out differently. Having such a varied function, which exposes me to ever-rapid changing situations, but at the same time to fully concentrated and pay attention to continuity of the process including the acceptance of responsibility.

As a globally successful company, Küster offers autonomy to reach my full potential. Our products must continually evolve, keeping pace with our customer’s business development and needs. It is important that we maintain good business relationships and constantly strive to innovate. It is interesting for me to follow the different cultures in our overseas factories and how this influences my approach to customers.

The good reputation of Küster in the region and the family background of the company had a strong influence on my decision to become part of the Küster group. This was proven at the beginning when I started here at Ehringshausen and I did not know anyone. Immediately, I was welcomed by all and fitted in perfectly. I am still impressed by how important it is for the employees and colleagues to establish a respectful, constructive co-existence and a constant exchange of knowledge.