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Mechanically flexible operation.

Our drive cable products help reliably move millions of people and machines every day. Our control engineering products transmit and regulate forces safely and resource-efficiently, even under extreme conditions. Noise-optimized and intelligent drive solutions as well as technical components, assembly groups and systems that bear the meflex brand name are used in all kinds of industries – everywhere that people need to transmit forces safely and carefully through flexible systems, whether mechanically or electronically.


We are the market leader for drive cables used in sliding roof systems. In addition, our drive cables are installed in roof and shading systems for side and rear windows. One of our goals is to always stay a step ahead of the rest. Our in-house research and development departments are constantly checking and optimizing the assembled drive cables.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we achieve outstanding results when it comes to quality, longevity and cost-effectiveness. Our combination of personal support and effective ideas makes us unique worldwide.