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Door systems

Move ideas.

We develop and produce to the customer's wishes with respect to virtually every established variant today but place our focus clearly on cable window regulator technology which we launched on the European market in the 70s.

In the door systems product segment, we have single-rail and double-rail cable window regulators, continuous-path regulators, compact regulators and door modules in our product range. Our window regulator systems are available as manual, electric or electronically driven or controlled variants and, depending on the customer's wishes, available with and without pinch protection and corresponding comfort features. The adjustment of roller blinds and boot cover lifters are also included in our range of services.

A good example for how we use our innovative strength to refine even a well-established system like the cable window regulator is the compact window regulator, available either as a stand-alone system with a fully pressed base plate or as a constructed modular variant.


The compact regulator masterfully combines the economic advantages of the customary systems up to now – the single-rail and double-rail cable window regulator. It is suitable for both conventional and modular door concepts. With an improved efficiency of 20%, compared to a two-rail regulator, the assembly time is reduced by up to 15% and the weight by up to 20%.

In addition, we are constantly working on optimising cable window regulator technology in economic terms, for example, by means of standardisation, modularisation and construction kit capability

Our incentive to combine the good properties of proven systems and to expand them is also included in the increased comfort needs of the end users as well as in the growing requirements from OEMs placed on us as a system supplier.

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General information on door systems.

We develop what moves.

With decades of experience in mechanics, electrics and electronics, we always find the right solution for our customers. We focus on convenient, safe and reliable operation, as well as lightweight construction and emission reduction.

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Window regulator combination, flush glazing and frameless construction

A history of our innovations.

1963   A transmission cable window regulator is developed for the VW Beetle
1976   The first manual KÜSTER cable window regulator enters production in the Simca 1307
1978   An electric cable window regulator enters production for the first time in the Audi A80
1991   Manual two-rail window regulators by KÜSTER are used in the VW Golf III
1994   The first electronically controlled window regulator is used in the VW Polo III
1998   KÜSTER launches the first structure-supporting door module on the market with the door module for the Audi
2000   The first door module made of aluminium enters production with the VW Phaeton
2002   Use of KÜSTER PLL pinch protection begins in the BMW X3
2005   The first electronic control unit for rear window regulators is used in the Bentley 614
2007   KÜSTER compact regulator development is applied to the MAN TG-A
2008   The first track regulator made of aluminium enters Porsche production
2009   In-house development of the door control unit
2012   The PCBs are produced in-house for the VW