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Remote Control Systems

For almost unlimited use.

Our “remote control systems” product area offers a wide range of levers with various strokes basing on the rack and pinion- or wrapping around principle. They can transmit both, in push and pull direction. We distinguish between various load classes, and the many different end fittings also allow for various connections. Remote operation is possible up to 16 meters distance.


Our products are very robust and low-maintenance; they are very efficient and are distinguished by their high durability. The above mentioned levers and controls, combined into a support console or a control module, can also be used to create more complex assembly groups like seat consoles and drawbars. Naturally, electric and electronic combinations are also possible.

Our product portfolio also offers electronic lever units ranging from linear levers to a 360° joystick with application-specific configurations.

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  • Electronical Transmitters

    Electronical Transmitters

    The perfect alternative

  • Mechanical Transmitters

    Mechanical Transmitters

    Robust and durable

  • Oil Measuring Systems

    Oil Measuring Systems

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  • Remote Control Systems

    Remote Control Systems

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