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The perfect motion solution for many applications.

Safety, reduction of exhaust gas emissions and maximum comfort – as significant trends in the automotive sector – call for the development of increasingly intelligent and complex systems. To meet these requirements and growing individualisation, you need reliable and tailor-made actuators and intelligent electromechanical actuation and adjustment systems.

As a system supplier, we have over 40 years of experience and expertise in the field of mechatronics in general and the actuators necessary for this in particular.

Our actuators are used, for example, in exhaust systems with an emphasis on reducing noise and pollutants, or even for heat recovery.


The actuators developed by us are solutions specifically developed for and adapted to each application. They are based on a modular construction kit system, including in-house development and production for mechanics and electronics. As a result, we can offer intelligent solutions with short development times at marketable prices.

We were the world's first provider of electric parking brakes and one of the first system suppliers that used an actuator to operate the side windows. Adjustment units for mechanical chassis adjustment and our smallest actuator which has been developed specifically for locking charging plugs and for charging columns for e-mobility round off the spectrum.

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  • Electric Park Brake

    Electric Park Brake

    Parking at the touch of a button

  • Chassis Adjustment

    Chassis Adjustment

    For better driving characteristics

  • E-mobility


    To safeguard the charging process

  • Exhaust systems

    Exhaust systems

    To reduce noise and pollutants