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Kuester PKW Aktuelles

KÜSTER received an order for a shift-by-wire gearshift system from a major European car manufacturer.

The SBW system is pioneering technology that further promotes developments in the field of automated driving, and thus serves as an automotive megatrend.

Under the motto "Mechatronics you can touch" KÜSTER visited Jaguar Land Rover with a special roadshow.
At the event, current development priorities of the company were presented.

In addition, interested developers and employees from JLR were given an overview of the different product groups.

The event was well received and was a complete success.

Kuester PKW Aktuelles

KÜSTER will start the production under contract for a European car manufacturer of manual gearshift systems for the South American market in May 2017.

Prompt delivery will be ensured by having production at the Taubaté site in Brazil.

Kuester PKW Aktuelles

KÜSTER has won a contract to supply automatic gearshift systems to a major European volume manufacturer specialising in mid-size class cars and off-road vehicles.

Production will start in 2018 in Hermosillo factory for onward delivery the North American market.


KÜSTER Automotive GmbH has been awarded the JLRQ-Award. During a visit to the KÜSTER plant John Darlaston (STA Commodity Engineer) handed over the award and congratulated the team for their great performance and engagement.

Thus KÜSTER contributes to the high quality of premium vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover presents this award to suppliers who meet the high requirements, both in terms of quality as well as developing- and project performance.

Uebernahmen meflex

At the end of 2014 KÜSTER Holding GmbH took over the shares of MEFLEX Telecontrol GmbH & Co.KG, which were previously owned by industrial automation GmbH & Co KG in Heidelberg.

The company, based at the location of the KÜSTER group in Ehringshausen is the market leader for drive support for roof systems and mechanically flexible remote controls.

In addition to the German site with its development centre and production, MEFLEX  supplies its international customers locally in Shanghai, China, and Hermosillo, Mexico.

The ECS Shanghai Control System Co., Ltd. has been awarded the Q1 certificade from the Ford Motor Company. This is the highest possible quality award given by Ford since 1981 to its suppliers.

Quality system Q1 - Quality First - was introduced to ensure a worldwide uniform standard of production and quality in component manufacturer.

Ford has extended these international quality standards (DIN ISO TS 16949) to customer satisfaction, transport quality, delivery, materials management and engineering support. This Q1 status is a prerequisite to become a system supplier to Ford.

vw awards

The Volkswagen Group Award 2014 was presented to Thorsten Connemann, Managing Director of Küster Holding GmbH, at the Porsche plant in Leipzig.

Since 2003 the Volkswagen Group honors its best suppliers for their innovative capabilities, product quality, development expertise and project management.

Porsche Macan

Alongside window regulators for the Porsche 991, Boxter, Cayman and 918 Spyder, the new Porsche Sport SUV "Macan" will also be equipped with window regulators by KÜSTER.

Series production began in January 2014. The official sales launch was 5 April 2014. The sales forecasts for the sporty SUV, related to the Audi Q5, are absolutely positive.

Kuester Automotive Logo

Since April 1, 2014, the German subsidiaries KÜSTER ADS GmbH, KÜSTER ACS GmbH and W.H. Küster GmbH & Co. KG as well as ECS Deutschland GmbH upcoming are operating under this new company name.

By this new business organisation we intend to continue optimising the existing cooperation between our subsidiaries, thus taking account of the constantly rising global demands. It is our aim to remain an economically and technically reliable partner for our customers and we want to contribute to their and our business success with top product quality and competence.